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1999 IG/RS, Jurgi persoons, Antwerp October 1999.
In 1992 Jurgi Persoons graduates from the fashion department at the Antwerp Academy and three years later he starts hiw own women’s collection. From 1999 he shows his collection in Paris in the form of static presentations, quite similar to performance. His oeuvre can be describes as a radical and even trashy interpretation of the classical female wardrobe. In 2003 he stops his own collection and leaves the world of fashion.
Hettie Judah: Grognard and Stoops’ response is not only to leave things revealed, but also to emphasise the fragility of beauty by playing with ugly, through those monstrous masks and through experiments that emphasise the mortality of human flesh; legs and bodies bound with scotch tape or elastic bands. Much as both their commercial and personal work celebrates the beauty and spirit of youth, there is also a suggestion of death and decay, visible not only in their habitually dark collaborations with designer Jurgi Persoons.
Fui al parque a despejarme un rato


Ted Emmons (via Monday Fix #27 - The Ultimate Weekly Dose of Inspiration)

It (1990)

Andrew Miller tiene esta serie titulada “Brand Spirit”, una serie de 100 artículos que son muy familiares para todos, solo que ha desaparecido algo, le falta “espíritu”, ese espíritu que Andrew cubrió con color blanco, esto con el propósito de criticar al consumismo.Más:

"“Mi decisión fue ir a buscarlo, más allá de toda la gente en el mundo.”
Ernest Hemingway"

"Ver de lejos algo es una cosa, llegar hasta donde está es otra."

- Brancusi, Constantin (via inkultmagazine)